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Questions People Ask their Divorce Attorney

Annie Allen, Certified Divorce and Life Transition Coach

What questions should you be asking your attorney? And if you have questions that you shouldn’t be asking them, who should you ask?

Do you have questions like…?

• Can I date during my divorce?

• Can I cancel/be cancelled on my spouse’s health insurance during my divorce?

• Do you think I’ve got a shot at sole legal, sole physical custody?

• How long is this going to take?

• What do you think the Judge is going to say/do about fill-in-the-blank?

The conversations you have with your attorney need to be as clear and productive as possible. That being said sometimes attorneys don’t have all the answers, so what is best way to know what kinds of questions belong with your attorney and which you are better served to seek other professional’s advice on?

Join me on the Starting Over Stronger Podcast, episode #87 releasing on Wednesday, March 23, to hear my perspective as a Certified Divorce Coach and the advice of Missouri Family Law Attorney, Alyssa Hodges on just that.

We will help you reduce or eliminate unrealistic expectations and reduce as much as possible the number of times you need to we contact the attorney Whether that is by email or by phone and to utilize other sources ideally a coach that you have retained to guide you through the process who will be able to help you determine what questions should be asked to whom and how those questions should be asked and what expectations to have about that particular issue going forward.

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