Each service provided is designed to help you discover the real you so you can be all that you were meant to be!

SOS Podcast = Resources

New episodes every Wednesday where Coach Annie shares her collective wisdom with attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, fellow survivors & more to conquer your overwhelm, fear, pain and confusion 

Support Groups = Community

  • Before, during & after divorce group

  • Get answers all your questions answered
  • Decide if divorce is right for you
  • Learn how to navigate and overcome toxic relationship patterns
  • Understand smart divorce prep
  • Discover who you were meant to be to thrive during and after divorce 

Private Coaching = Clarity

Find your voice.

You will learn to advocate well for yourself.

Walking alongside an experienced "thinking partner" as you work through the practical, financial, legal and emotional challenges of your divorce bring confidence.

You will get your actions and emotions in alignment with your wants, needs and goals.

This personalized guidance includes connecting you with the right professionals for your every changing need and helping you plan the conversations you need to have to reduce your costs, stress level and the time it takes to complete your divorce.

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Divorce Real Estate = Stability

Starting Over Stronger founder, Annie Allen, is also a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist for Divorce and licensed REALTOR in Kansas and Missouri for all your home sales needs as you divorce.

Better still, she has a team of divorce-focused agents working to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

And if you're not even sure whether to keep, sell, or refinance the marital home or buy your own "Fresh Start" home, Annie is equipped with the training to fully inform that decision in ways no other real estate agent can.


Healing Retreats = Transformation

Coming in 2022, refreshing and renewing your mind, body and spirit after your divorce just got easier.

SOS is planning a week away for you following your divorce for healing and hope. Travel to tranquil Midwest locations that offer the perfect balance of resting your body, releasing your mind, and reinvigorating your spirit to launch into a new life you can love! It's the perfect reset.