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Transform the Way You Think & Believe About Yourself & Life


Discover the Power You Have to Change Anything You Wish


Live the Life You Have Only Imagined

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Keynote: Pathway to Peace Journaling

Everyone worries.

It's what we do with those worries that makes the difference in the results we enjoy, or don't enjoy. Annie's lived experience exiting her toxic family system and toxic marriage paved the road for her to come to an intimate understanding of the role that worrying plays in staying stuck--and the power we all have to think differently about our worries to turn them into the prayers and visualizations that will move us from where we are to where want to be, powered by gratitude for the journey.  

Other Topics Annie Talks On:

Personal Development

The Power and Importance of Journaling

Self-Awareness and Acceptance

Becoming & Loving Your Best Self

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Healthy Relationships

Boundaries in High Conflict Relationships

Understanding Toxic Relationship Dynamics


Recognizing When Your Marriage is Over

The Team Approach for a Faster, Less Stressful and Less Expensive Divorce

Life Transition

Emotional/Psychological Abuse Recovery

Toxic Relationship Recovery

The Divorce Recovery Retreat Experience


In-Person and Virtual Events/Organizations

Where Annie Has Appeared:

American Club Association--Overland Park,

Lee's Summit, Shawnee, North KC, Olathe

Wise Women--Overland Park, Lee's Summit

Revive Summit--Virtual

Annie's Podcast/Radio Appearances:

You Are Your Brand, Peter Goral

My Crazy Divorce, Tom Milligan

Money Talk "Financial Fix", Teresa McGarry

Divorce at Altitude, Ryan Kalamaya

Divorce Dialogues Radio Show, Katherine Miller


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