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SOS Support Groups

Whether you are feeling stuck in an endless cycle  of pain and confusion in your current relationship, overwhelmed with a flood of fear and doubt in the middle of a difficult divorce, or life just doesn't yet feel like the new normal you had hoped for since your divorce was final....

You can connect weekly with women in your same shoes, learn more about yourself and and why you do the things you do and gain the clarity and courage to make informed and logical decisions as part of a Starting Over Stronger Support Group.

Find the support you have
sought desperately
for so long.

In any stage of a difficult relationship-- before, during or after--there's no bad time to 

connect with others in your shoes to gain clarity.

Understanding the patterns in your difficult relationships empowers you with confidence for handling matters in a healthier way--whether saving or ending the marriage is the healthiest option.

If you don't take care of you, who will?

Change starts with you.


Your Support Group is led and facilitated by Certified Life Transition and Divorce Coach, Annie Allen. You will meet weekly for one-hour virtually for assistance through your emotional and mental struggles to:

  • recognize the dysfunctional patterns of your relationship

  • If you decide it is best, understand the best ways to exit your toxic relationship

  • get to know yourself

  • learn to love and take good care of yourself -- so you can take care of those who need you

  • begin to trust your inner voice

  • gain insight into smart preparation for divorce or separation

  • set appropriate boundaries within the relationship

  • execute your divorce decisions logically so you have less regret

  • be the real you with clarity and confidence

  • learn how to thrive during and after divorce

  • and more.

Ending the cycle of toxic and unfulfilling relationships is hard work. Don't go it alone.

SPECIAL OFFER for Support Group Members:

Whenever you need more personalized support in addition to group meetings, you can book a Single Private Coaching Session at $50 off as long as you are a group member. (Please ask for a Coupon Code.)

SPECIAL OFFER for Private Coaching Clients:

Support Group is included at NO ADDITIONAL COST in your program. ​

Coaching Options
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“Annie is genuine and passionate about helping other women!”

Annie was somehow put in my path and I have been grateful ever since! She is multi-faceted and a life-long learner so I felt she understood all that I had gone through, all that I’m currently going through and also how to navigate what’s to come. She is always there for support, supply information, offer her incredible connections and advice every step of the way. I feel heard, supported and safe to talk, vent, and voice my feelings and experiences.

The information I’ve learned has helped so much!


"I have enjoyed getting to know Annie and learning from her."


She has a wealth of knowledge and information to share with those of us that have been or are hurting, especially during this pandemic. I’ve been involved in one of her groups about healing from narcissists.

– Christina

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