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I am elated to have published my first book.

Telling my story of growing up in dysfunction,

marrying into a dysfunctional dynamic,

and even going to a dysfunctional church which

continued to perpetuate these harmful dynamics

in my life and the life of my children

has been among the most cathartic experiences of my life.

Knowing that what I have endured, learned from, and 

grown through can help someone else 

to understand or safely exit these emotionally destructive

relationships is priceless.

Order your copy now of

Starting Over Stronger:

Finding a Pathway Out of Codependency

to Create a New Life of Peace,

or if you are local in Kansas City and would like

to purchase a copy directly from me,

I will be happy to meet you and sign a copy for you.

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Maybe you are here because you have already been reading

Starting Over Stronger and you would like to get your copy of the

FREE 7-Day Pathway to Peace Journal

to begin your own journaling journey as described in my book.

Just click above, print and enjoy.

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