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Starting Over Stronger:
The  Podcast

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Reaching and serving

people through

difficult relationships has

always been my greatest passion. 

From that passion, I created the

Starting Over Stronger Podcast

which launched in 2020 during the pandemic.

Starting Over Stronger released one new episode every Wednesday

from August 2020

through January 1, 2023.

Annie interviews attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, fellow survivors & life coaches sharing their collective wisdom to provide people facing the uncertainties and fears of divorce with all the emotional and practical resources needed to conquer overwhelm, fear, pain and confusion.

Starting Over Stronger Podcast Annie Allen.jpg

This Podcast empowers listeners to:

  • embrace being a survivor, not a victim…

  • set healthy boundaries…

  • gather all the necessary information and resources for making

  • feel less alone, and

  • to make well-informed decisions!

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

I'm a man, currently separated from my wife and waiting until we're able to file the paperwork. Just wanted to say I just found your podcast through Reddit and really like it! I don't think I'm your target audience, but I think you're making a great resource for women and a lot of the interviews and topics are relevant to men as well. There aren't a lot of polished high quality divorce podcasts out there but yours is awesome! ~J.T.

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