How the Podcast Came to Be

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Reaching and serving women facing difficult relationships has always been my greatest passion. 

From that passion, in 2020, I launched the

Starting Over Stronger Podcast.

Life has been preparing me for this moment for a long time. But first, I had my own awakening, my own divorce, and my own recovery to walk out. Now in my new life, I have been blessed to serve women in many capacities including their real estate needs, coaching support and more. This work has allowed me to meet many amazing divorce professionals also serving the women of divorce, and the conversations I've had with these compassionate professionals have often left me thinking,


I wish I could bottle this conversation up and share it with my clients!”

That is how the podcast came to be! It is my way of connecting you with the professional and personal resources that offer you HELP as you divorce and HOPE as you too start over stronger!


It is my promise that what you find here will help you embrace being a survivor, not a victim… to set healthy boundaries… to gather resources for making well-informed decisions about your financial, legal, credit, real estate and emotional health… and to provide you with the emotional support and safety you need to create a life you can love.

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