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Meet Annie

Certified Life Transition & Divorce Coach®
Host of the Starting Over Stronger Podcast

Because I have been there,  I help you understand the pain, loneliness and confusion of untying the knots of marriage,  before you allow it to entangle you in an expensive court battle or leave you with less than you 

rightfully deserve in your settlement.

You can come to recognize, as I once did, how you may have spent a lifetime not owning your authentic self.  And through Starting Over Stronger coaching, you will learn how to rise up and walk out of that pain, loneliness and confusion. 

You will learn how to tap into your Best Self.

You will find your voice and how to use it to advocate well for yourself.

You will move forward with confidence.

You will find the courage to be done accepting less than you give in the relationships that matter most.

You will walk away from the crippling codependent behaviors that have kept you stuck for far too long.

You will learn to set healthy boundaries.

You will strengthen your communication skills, so you can end the marriage chapter of your life without major regrets, and learn how to write a new chapter… in a new life… on your own two feet, and you will love it!

How do I know? Because I did all of this, and if I can, anyone can.

Annie Allen About Me.jpg
When Annie is not
recording the podcast
or helping people do divorce well,
she enjoys being outdoors
with her grandson, her dog,
her kids and the love
of her new life.


Certified Life Coach®

I come alongside women who have lost themselves trying to save their marriage, but are now ready to stand on their own two feet. My goal is to be your “thinking partner” offering you HELP during your divorce and HOPE as you create a life you will love.

Podcast Host

Connecting you with the professional and personal resources that will support you well on your divorce journey, to help you embrace being a Survivor, not a victim, and to provide you with emotional safety as you are starting over stronger.

Without the support of a Divorce Coach, here’s what you will do, if you are like most people:

1. Hire an attorney without knowing how to properly interview one to suit your needs.

2. Drink, eat, and binge watch television to distract yourself from all the negative, out of control, powerlessness that threatens to consume you on a daily basis.

3. Post things you will regret on social media.

4. Spend countless hours in what feels like hostage negotiations via text with your spouse.

5. Blow up the phones of your best friend, mom, or anyone who will listen and care.

Sometimes, you will worry that you're alienating even the most patient and kind of them

because they honestly love you and want to help, but they feel powerless to be what you need.

6. Call & email your attorney with every doubt, question, fear or concern.

(For the the record, that’s a lot, and it adds up!)


Is THIS how you want to do divorce?       What if there was another way?

There is! Schedule a Discovery Call.

From there, we can create a plan to approach

everything you are facing while preserving

your sanity, health, friendships

and pocketbook. You CAN

do this well. 

Annie’s Appearances

My Crazy Divorce

Host: Tom Milligan


Host: Mischelle



Quoted in “8 Tips for Smoother Transactions with Divorcing Couples


May/June 2018 Edition

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