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Meet Annie

Kansas Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Divorce Coach and Host of the Starting Over Stronger Podcast

The truth is, it all comes down to communication. You probably, like me once, are on the verge of, or in the middle of divorce, because of communication, or lack thereof. You have needs. Your spouse or the other parent have different needs. You try to communicate and it just feels like your messages never get through.


Because I have been there, I know that much of the emotional turmoil stems from this lack of communication.  That's why even if there is infidelity or abuse, I take on the role, whether as your Coach, or as Mediator for both of you, of being a neutral third party who can start from today, put all the past aside and help my clients feel safe and heard so better communication can start to happen.


In every divorce or custody dispute, there is some level of pain and confusion on both sides. Untying the knots we may have thought would always be there is never easy. But, think of it in terms of actually unraveling a knot. If you approach a knot with haste and frustration, it's going to be very difficult to think clearly about what will untangle it. If you instead calmly gather the necessary information, you will know what you need to know to gently loosen the bond.


In your divorce or custody "knot," you have children and your financial future bound up. Let's talk about how you can cautiously untangle without an expensive and painful court battle--where everyone loses, either time, money, or the future you and your children deserve.

Anyone who knows me,
knows I am passionate about
helping people
work through difficult situations
in ways they can feel good about,
with positive communication skills.
I do so by allowing others to feel safe
and to feel heard, whether as their Coach
or as their Mediator,
to help them find their voice
and advocate well for themselves
during this difficult transition.

When I am not
coaching, mediating or recording
the podcast,
I love being outdoors,
hosting gatherings,
spending time with my grandson,
my dogs, my two adult kids
and the love of
my new post-divorce life.


Certified Divorce Coach®

I come alongside those who have lost themselves trying to save their marriage, but are now ready to see things for what they are, understand they played a part in the dynamics and turn their pain and pity into power and progress.

My goal is to be your “thinking partner” offering you HELP during your divorce and HOPE as you create a new life you will love.

Kansas Supreme Court Approved Mediator

As a neutral third party, I facilitate a productive conversation which allows parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement as to disputed issues.
By identifying issues, reducing misunderstandings, clarifying priorities, exploring areas of compromise, and finding points
of agreement, more positive communication allows parties to move forward without the delays, stress and cost of a typical adversarial approach to divorce and custody.


Podcast Host

The Starting Over Stronger

Podcast is all about

helping you gain the help and hope you need to transition through all the difficult seasons of your life with more clarity and confidence. 

Connecting you with the professional and personal resources that will support you well on your divorce journey, to help you embrace being a survivor, no longer a victim, as you are

starting over stronger.

Just some of the PITFALLS of the traditional "adversarial" approach to divorce:

1. Hire an attorney without knowing how to properly interview, and without attempting mediation first. 

2. Drink, eat, and binge watch television to distract yourself from all the negative, out of control, powerlessness that threatens to consume you on a daily basis.

3. Post things you will regret on social media.

4. Spend countless hours in what feels like hostage negotiations via text with your spouse.

5. Blow up the phones of your best friend, mom or anyone who will listen, alienating even the most patient and kind because even if they love you and want to help, they often feel powerless to do so.

6. Call & email your attorney with every doubt, question, fear or concern.

(For the the record, that’s a lot, and it adds up--fast!)


  What if there was another way?

There is!

Book a Discovery Call today.

From there, we can create a plan to approach

everything you are facing while preserving

your sanity, health, friendships, and pocketbook.

You CAN do this well.

Annie’s Appearances

My Crazy Divorce

Host: Tom Milligan


Host: Mischelle



Quoted in “8 Tips for Smoother Transactions with Divorcing Couples


May/June 2018 Edition

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