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Divorce is hard.

When divorce is the answer,

the Starting Over Stronger mission is to

do divorce differently.

More mindfully.

And whether you are both on board

with that mission or you feel

you are up against a tidal wave,

we believe in and continue to strive toward

the best divorce possible.

There is a better way to divorce and it starts with learning all that is involved in the divorce process, knowing what your options are, and remaining mindful of your goals.

SOS Mediation and Coaching services promote a respectful, non-confrontational approach which puts your family first--whether we support

just you, or both of you.

We understand navigating through a divorce is difficult. With the team of caring professionals we build with and for you, you will have the support and resources to make it through with more clarity and confidence than you might imagine.

In a complex time, our commitment is simple...

to help you start over stronger.

With SOS Mindful Divorce Mediation and Coaching, you can anticipate:

  • Emotional Support

  • Goal Setting and Decision Making

  • Communication Skills

  • Co-Parenting Support

  • Practical Guidance

  • Connections to Legal and Financial Experts

  • ...and more!

Nothing will make divorce easy,  but walking through it with a trauma-informed

Certified Divorce Coach® and Family Mediator will save you time, stress and money.

At Starting Over Stronger, we strive to provide our clients with the tools and resources they need to navigate the challenging process of divorce, providing support and guidance every step of the way to help you make the best decisions for your future.

Our trauma-informed mediation services help you reach amicable solutions and agreements you can both feel pretty good about. We understand the stress and anxiety that divorce can bring, and our goal is to make it as smooth and easy as possible by helping each of you align with their Best Self.

Success Stories

Annie was a constant voice of light and truth...


...through the darkness of leaving my husband and our divorce. Her own personal experience along with her education and passion makes her the ideal support for women who don’t know where to turn for help through their divorce and their recovery as they heal. She’s gained much insight and wisdom as she has patiently and graciously served so many women in this capacity.

– Melinda

I am truly starting over stronger  at 59 years of age.


I found Annie’s support group after escaping my home and getting away from my abuser of 34 years. I learned two things at our first meeting. First, that I was not picked by my abuser because I was weak but because I was strong. The second thing I learned was that I should not feel sorry for my abuser… he knew exactly what he was doing when he hurt me and my children. The group has been a great support, friendship, and pool of wisdom as I have been so held back in many areas. I have been educated about toxic relationships and when to set boundaries. I am in the awakening stage yet & continue to be educated and to heal from all the abuse.


– K.D.

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