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Your Start to Finish Divorce Support

Whether you're just beginning to consider divorce, or you are in the messy middle,  Starting Over Stronger is here to offer support and guidance like you will find in few other places.


Just like you wouldn’t want a wedding without a wedding planner, you don’t want to divorce without a Certified Divorce Coach.

A coach helps you manage all the messy details, connects you with all the right professionals, and empowers you to make the many necessary decisions you may now feel incapacitated by with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

If you’re feeling stuck, indecisive, or powerless, it’s not a character defect. Those feelings come from simply not yet having the knowledge you need to make decisions your heart and mind know you need to make. Let’s change that!

​First lesson: did you know there are FOUR TYPES OF DIVORCE?

Working with a Certified Divorce Coach before you even file for divorce can help you discover if divorce is right for you and if so, which type of divorce makes the most sense. Your Coach will also get you connected to the best resources for your specific circumstances. Not to bury the lead, but you may not even need an attorney! If you do, you will know exactly how to interview one and you will be given access to preferred attorneys known for caring about their clients and working responsibly for equitable outcomes for all families they serve.

If the divorce is already filed, even if there is a high level of conflict, the support and guidance of a Certified Divorce Coach is imperative. You need to show up in court and in negotiations, clear on your needs, and as your Best Self. This will invite your spouse to do the same, and at the very least, it means fewer regrets because you will be making clearer, more confident decisions.​


If you know you need support – like yesterday – to determine your best next steps, schedule your first one-hour Coaching Session now. You will have the opportunity to invest in a 5 or 10 session package and to roll the cost of the first session into the package. If you have questions about divorce coaching, you may book a free Discovery Call.



First and foremost, as your Coach, you can count on emotional support for every step of the way. Divorce presents many emotional challenges, and while a Coach is focused on helping you take the right actions to meet your needs and desires, you can count on trauma-informed support to help you build resilience for now and the future you are hoping and dreaming this divorce will bring.


Whether or not your divorce is already filed, with the guidance of your Coach, you can understand more about what kind of expertise you need and who you can trust for that advice with regard to all your legal and financial decisions. Here are just some of the topics your Coach can provide resources and referrals for:

  • Interview an attorney like a pro

  • Understand the marital balance sheet and how asset and debt division work

  • Insight into the purpose of the income and expense statement

  • Strategies for evidence gathering for spousal and child support needs

  • Budgeting and cash-flow planning for single life after the divorce.



Begin with the end in mind. You don’t have to wait until an Attorney requests or a Judge orders to mediate. It’s a private and confidential process you can start your divorce process with! In doing so, you set the stage for the low conflict divorce you both need and want. Talk with your Coach about how alternative dispute resolution can facilitate a smoother and more amicable divorce.



Are you unsure if you want a divorce? Or are you scared of what life after divorce will look like? You can have certainty about your next steps as your Coach helps you align your decisions with your best interests and goals for your life. Some of the topics often discussed in pre-divorce and post-divorce coaching:

  • Should I stay or should I go?

  • What is working?

  • Is there something left to build back on?

  • How can I talk with my spouse about saving the marriage?

  • How can I protect myself as I prepare to end my marriage?

  • What is the best approach to telling my spouse I want a divorce?

  • How do we tell the kids?

  • Is it possible to co-parent with someone who seems to purposefully make things more difficult than they need to be?

  • What kind of job or career do I need to pursue?

  • Should I get a job now?

  • Am I ready to start dating?

  • What can I do about this loneliness?

  • How can I adjust to being single again?

  • What are the best steps for me to rebuild my life after divorce?



Browse our collection of frequently asked questions, and podcast episodes covering various aspects of divorce to find answers to common questions and gain valuable insights.


No matter where you are in your divorce journey, we're here to provide the support and resources you need to navigate this challenging time with confidence and clarity.

Nothing will make divorce easy,  but walking through it with the trauma-informed services of Starting Over Stronger will save you time, stress and money.

Success Stories

Annie was a constant voice of light and truth...


...through the darkness of leaving my husband and our divorce. Her own personal experience along with her education and passion makes her the ideal support for women who don’t know where to turn for help through their divorce and their recovery as they heal. She’s gained much insight and wisdom as she has patiently and graciously served so many women in this capacity.

– Melinda

I am truly starting over stronger  at 59 years of age.


I found Annie after escaping my home and getting away from my abuser of 34 years. I learned two things at our first meeting. First, that I was not picked by my abuser because I was weak but because I was strong. The second thing I learned was that I should not feel sorry for my abuser… he knew exactly what he was doing when he hurt me and my children. The group has been a great support, friendship, and pool of wisdom as I have been so held back in many areas. I have been educated about toxic relationships and when to set boundaries. I am in the awakening stage yet & continue to be educated and to heal from all the abuse.


– K.D.

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