Are you trying to decide if divorce is right for you?

Preparing to file or respond to divorce papers?

Overwhelmed with all the decisions?

All while your heart is breaking and you're not exactly thinking straight?

You are not alone. Or at least you don't have to be!

As someone who's been there, I will gently guide you through each transition point on this journey, helping you find your voice, to gain clarity, to feel confidence, to advocate well for yourself through all the peaks and pitfalls on your divorce journey.

As you consider how to get your needs met now, my promise to you is this. Whether you listen to the Starting Over Stronger Podcast, join a weekly support group, or you invest in a six-month Private Coaching program, you will learn to trust yourself, to make confident decisions, and to not give up on a fair outcome. You will learn how to set the course on a new life you can love!

If this sounds like what you need, let's connect. I want to learn more about you and give you clarity on how coaching saves time, reduces stress and lowers the cost of divorce, so you can get started on the journey back to the real you. 

Divorce is hard.

My Coaching Philosophy

Annie Allen, Certified Divorce Coach® and


Everything you need is already WITHIN YOU so your destiny

is in your hands. 

It matters not that you may have unwittingly chosen to stay stuck in a place that's not been for your good.

Now, you know you want more. My job as your Coach is to help you get there, NOT TO FIX YOU, but to show you that you're  NOT REALLY BROKEN!

Starting Over Stronger!
because if you don't take care of you, who will? 


Divorce is hard.

Life after doesn't have to be.

What you do now makes the difference.

Nothing will make divorce easy, but walking through it with a Certified Divorce Coach® will save you time, stress and money. Starting Over Stronger Divorce Survival & Recovery offers all of the above services with ONE goal in mind: Supporting those struggling in the prospect or process of their divorce to align with their Best Self, become clearer, more confident clients who secure less complicated, more fair divorce outcomes, then heal well afterwards.

Success Stories

Annie was a constant voice of light and truth...

...through the darkness of leaving my husband and our divorce. Her own personal experience along with her education and passion makes her the ideal support for women who don’t know where to turn for help through their divorce and their recovery as they heal. She’s gained much insight and wisdom as she has patiently and graciously served so many women in this capacity.

– Melinda

I am truly starting over stronger  at 59 years of age.

I found Annie’s support group after escaping my home and getting away from my abuser of 34 years. I learned two things at our first meeting. First, that I was not picked by my abuser because I was weak but because I was strong. The second thing I learned was that I should not feel sorry for my abuser… he knew exactly what he was doing when he hurt me and my children. The group has been a great support, friendship, and pool of wisdom as I have been so held back in many areas. I have been educated about toxic relationships and when to set boundaries. I am in the awakening stage yet & continue to be educated and to heal from all the abuse.


– K.D.