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Divorce Mediation

It is wise to realize that hiring an attorney and filing for divorce is not always the first step in a divorce that you want to end well. Start with mediation instead.

Starting Over Stronger now offers trauma-informed, Kansas Supreme Court Approved mediation services to assist both parties in a divorce or custody to navigate the complex legal process with more clarity and positive communication.


Divorce mediation is voluntary and confidential, meaning you choose mediation because you both want a better divorce experience than most divorced people you know. Legal representation is, of course, one part of the complex puzzle that is untying the knot of marriage, but it is rarely the best first step if your goal is to avoid an adversarial divorce.

Mediation is non-binding. Both parties are encouraged to seek independent legal representation to review all agreements made in mediation and are not bound to terms verbally agreed upon in mediation unless or until they are in writing and signed, offering the opportunity for reviews with independent legal representatives, 

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There are three types or approaches to divorce.


  1. Do-It-Yourself Divorce

    • Least supported

    • Least expensive

    • Tedious and frustrating

    • Not recommended and sometimes not permitted with children or real estate

  2. Litigated Divorce

    • Most adversarial​

    • Most costly 

    • Can lead to significant delays in finalization due to breakdown in communication

    • Can also lead to loss of control of outcomes

  3. Mediated Divorce 

    • Least adversarial

    • Most supported approach

    • Can include co-mediation with financial professionals

    • Allows most divorcing couples to improved communication and problem-solving ability

    • When mediating before filing, divorce can remain confidential as it is not public record until filed. 

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Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

  • SELF-DIRECTED  You and your spouse stay in the driver's seat where the flow of the process and all final decisions made are within your control.

  • LESS ADVERSARIAL  Both spouses agree to an atmosphere of mutual respect and fairness.

  • MORE AFFORDABLE  Costs remain manageable, often much less expensive than litigation.

  • RESOURCEFUL  If financial or legal expertise is required to reach a fully mediated agreement, co-mediation with a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) can be arranged. We always get you connected with the specialists you need for information & guidance toward mutually beneficial solutions.

  • BETTER COMMUNICATION  At its core, mediation is about creating a space where neutral third parties facilitate positive communication skills and guidance to make agreements possible

  • PRIVATE  The process, discussion, and negotiation details remain confidential.

Are you ready to take your first steps

toward the best divorce possible?


Schedule a Discovery Call if you need questions answered

or book your Initial Mediation Consultation today.

Once booked, you will both be prepped to ensure you're ready for mediation.

After each mediation, you will both be provided with a written summary of all points of discussion and agreement.

Once you have reached a fully mediated agreement,

we have attorneys available to file your divorce and 

draft your mediated agreement

to get you to finalization faster.

We have one goal in all that we do: starting over stronger!

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