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Divorce Coaching

SOS Divorce Coaching empowers individuals

and couples to move more confidently  through the divorce process.
Coaching is an ideal solution when facing a high conflict break up in which you are unable to gain the cooperation of your spouse to mediate differences and avoid the adversarial months or years long process of an
attorney vs. attorney divorce.

Coaching is also an ideal solution when you just need some support for executing your own uncontested divorce.

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Trauma-Informed Divorce Coaching is a compassionate and mindful approach to navigating the process of divorcing a high-conflict individual who refuses to play fair AND for helping you and your spouse to work together to avoid divorce as usual.

Coaching can enable you both to align your actions and emotions with your desires, needs and goals for

a better divorce outcome.

In addition to assisting you in managing the emotional and practical aspects of your divorce, we also connect you with any adjunct professionals your ever-changing needs require so that you know you will have the support you need, as well as helping you plan the conversations you need to have to reduce costs, stress levels and the time required to finalize your divorce.

Whatever brings you here

to this devastating moment, 

what matters now is YOU.

How will YOU act?

What will YOU tell yourself?

How will YOU help your kids through this?

Where will YOU live?

What will it be like to complete the life

YOU thought YOU would always have

and build with your spouse?

How will YOU be sure you are making

the right decisions?

How can YOU prevent your emotions

from running the show ?

And what about the fact that

underneath and through all this

YOUR heart is breaking?

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