What's it like working with a Coach?

You will experience immediate relief from the isolation and confusion of divorce overwhelm with your private coaching sessions, a weekly support group, access to life assessment tools, and SOS Connections! Imagine not having to figure it all out on your own!


You will be introduced to high integrity attorneys, mediators, financial advisors, therapists, insurance providers, credit advisors and more to meet your every changing need, and guided through the best conversations to have with each of these professionals to meet your ultimate goals and needs through divorce.

**You will select a session day/time with your coach, after checkout & completion of agreement.

Weekly or Every Two Weeks Private Coaching Sessions

We will meet one-on-one by phone or remote video call every week or two weeks as this is the frequency preferred by most clients.

Consistent Private Sessions

We will set a fixed day and time for all sessions.

Weekly Support Group Coaching

In addition to your private strategy sessions, you are invited to connect weekly with your Coach and others in your shoes to discuss toxic relationship recovery, divorce survival and personal healing. Overcome the emotional overwhelm during your divorce by connecting with others experiencing many of the same struggles and feelings.

24/7 Support via Text and Email

Your Private Coaching commitment allows you to contact your Coach at any time day or night for urgent matters, even emotional crises. Only Private Coaching clients receive this level of access for personalized attention to your needs. (Yes, I do sleep and have a life, but I also know divorce doesn’t happen during regular office hours, so I want you to know I have your back through it all.)

SOS Divorce Team Connections

All Private Coaching clients gain access to the SOS Network of vetted divorce professionals to help meet all your divorce needs. Your Coach will vet and connect you with trustworthy attorneys, financial advisors, therapists who get it, co-parenting counselors, mediators, guardians ad litem, mortgage loan officers who specialize in divorce, insurance professionals, appraisers, credit specialists, and anyone else you need. Better still, your Coach will prepare you for the meaningful and productive conversations you need to have with each professional who assists you through your divorce and recovery.

Access to e-Coaching Tools

Divorce is not just a legal process. It’s the death of a dream and a confusing and overwhelming time of decision, survival and finally recovery. Your Private Coach will not just help you navigate the business of your divorce with confidence and excellence, but will also share with you all the tools needed to work with wisdom and logic through every divorce decision, including the painful story of your divorce.

You will have access to tools for divorce preparedness, life assessments, clarity journal, communication skills worksheets, teachings on boundaries and thought processing... all for your self-awareness and healing. You will take every step of your divorce and recovery along with a compassionate and knowledgeable friend and thinking partner, focused on your needs, wants and goals.

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