Coaching  empowers you
and your spouse
if they're willing to work together, to excel in positive communication so you can navigate divorce  and beyond with clarity & confidence.

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Whatever brings you to this moment, 

what matters now is you.

How will you act?

What will you tell yourself?

How will you tell the kids?

Where will you live?

What will it be like leaving the one you

thought you would always be with?

How will you be sure you are making

the right decisions?

How can you prevent your emotions

from running the show ?


That's where your Divorce Coach comes in.

Often, we approach the breakdown of our marriage relationship feeling like a failure. 

We cannot see ourselves clearly,

and we feel like we don't even know

who we are anymore.

Maybe the toxic dynamics of our relationship have silenced us for so long, we don't know what we think or feel anymore,

let alone how to navigate the legal process of dissolving a marriage.

Maybe we arrived here because nothing else worked after years of desperately trying, 

or maybe divorce papers were dropped in our laps unexpectedly, or we just learned of an affair leaving us feeling completely off-kilter.

Divorce with a

Certified Divorce Coach

on your team! 

When you walk alongside an experienced "thinking partner" or Coach as you approach and endure divorce, you can experience the clarity and confidence you are in desperate need of and cannot afford to go without during this pivotal time of massive transition with its countless practical,

financial, legal and emotional

decisions and challenges.

Coaching enables you to align your

actions and emotions with your

desires, needs and goals.

This personalized guidance includes connecting you with the right professionals for your every changing need, helping you to plan how to have the conversations you need to have to reduce your costs, stress level and the time it takes to complete your divorce.


Invest now, so you don't pay later for what you didn't know.

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