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From SAHM to Working Woman & Everything in Between

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Annie Allen, Certified Divorce and Life Transition Coach®

Today, October 6th, 2021, on the Starting Over Stronger Podcast is the first day in the October series, Season of Changes. And we are going to kick it off with one of the major changes probably all (at least women anyway) will face when they go through a divorce and maybe some men.... their work lives, how they spend their days. Going from SAHM (stay at home mom) or dad to a working woman or making major career changes. What does it look like? How can we handle the new load with everything else going on?

Misty Hughes, founder of Single Mom KC and Lead Her Ministries, is a mother of four grown children and five grandchildren who are thriving all across the U.S. Misty is a women's life and leadership coach and she is appearing on the Starting Over Stronger Divorce Survival & Recovery Podcast to share about her major life transitions to lend insight into how to make them smoothly and confidently, no matter what those transitions look like.

We discussed that as with so many things in life, this too is a mindset issue. So, we explored these FIVE MINDSET SHIFTS that we believe will help you make this transition well, because it helped us!

  1. Lower Your Expectations

  2. Slow Down & Don’t Buy the Lie that You Can’t Use Your Lunch Break / Other Parent Time / Kid’s Activity Time For You

  3. Remember this Phase isn’t Permanent

  4. Stay Tuned in Spiritually

  5. Know You will be okay.

You are going to be okay. No matter what these major changes look like for you, no matter how you feel, you are okay, and you will be okay. Listen now to hear this encouraging conversation in its entirety.

Stay tuned the whole month of October 2021 for three more Wednesday episodes of “Season of Changes.” We will be talking about changing the way we approach the division of possessions in the home, about changing our vibration through healing energy work, and about changing the way we communicate with others during divorce.

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