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The Power of an Estate Plan in Divorce

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Annie Allen, Certified Divorce and Life Transition Coach® interviews Family Law and Estate Attorney, Caroline Bundy

What a pleasure it was to dive into this topic! Something too few people think about and luckily many will never have to wonder what kinds of crises they avoided. It may not be fun to think about, but all of us are going to die one day. When we do, those we love and leave behind, can either be left with a mess or left with our wishes all wrapped up so they can just grieve and find closure more quickly and easily.

It all depends on us to take the time and the comparatively small expense to write a will, a durable power of attorney and a healthcare directive. Three documents away from making life a little easier when the world loses us.

So why do so few people do it? And what does this have to do with divorce anyway!?

Tune in to the Starting Over Stronger Divorce Survival & Recovery Podcast on or after September 29th and you will learn what an Estate Plan is, what it has to do with Divorce, for whom is it most important to have and when and how it should be taken care of.

You will also hear more about guardians and conservators, the differing needs of those who own their own business, what spousal (elective) share is and why you’re really going to want to know how to deal with that during your divorce!

Starting Over Stronger Divorce Survival & Recovery Podcast is here to provide you with the practical, professional help you need to divorce well, and the hope you need to live well as you are Starting Over Stronger. Listen here to the full episode.

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