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What is Silver Divorce?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Annie Allen, Certified Divorce and Life Transition Coach®

What is Silver Divorce? Silver divorce refers to the split or separation of older couples who have been married for a long time. also called “silver or diamond splitters,” and the term refers to the hair color that older people often have.

The term began to be used in the United States in 2004, but the practice had already been prevalent for about 20 years. Research shows that although the overall rate of divorce in the United States has declined over the past 20 years (until 2020), the divorce rate of people over 50 is on the rise.

In episode 73, Financial Advisor, Russ Thornton, joins me on the Starting Over Stronger Divorce Survival & Recovery Podcast to discuss why Silver Divorce is the fastest growing age group facing divorce and what the primary concerns are for Silver Divorcees.

Does living longer contribute to the rise in Silver Divorce?

What effect does the rise in double income families contribute to this issue?

We also touched on standard of living, equitable distribution, alimony / lack of career potential at advanced ages, retirement, QDROs, complicated and complex marital estates, pre-nups, post-nups and more.

Tune in now if this affects you.

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