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How Special Masters Help Divide the Stuff

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Annie Allen, Certified Divorce and Life Transition Coach®

Have you ever heard of a Special Master?

Has the judge ordered one in your case?

Are you and your STBX at odds about who is going to get what from the family belongings?

Special Masters are a unique type of dispute-resolver not often heard of by anyone in the family legal process, and that includes attorneys mediators and public officials. A special master is often appointed by a judge. But why?

In the case of divorce, the division of stuff can drag on for months, if not years. Judges sometimes appoint Special Masters for this reason, among others.

I recently spoke with Special Master and retired Sheriff Deputy, Denise Baker, to learn more about her experiences as someone in this important role. She shared more about her background and countless experiences in the homes of divorcing couples to share some great tips and wisdom for moving through this process with skill and excellence so you can both move on with your lives.

You won't want to miss this short, but power-packed, episode of the Starting Over Stronger Divorce Survival and Recovery Podcast. Click below to listen now, or find it on your favorite podcast app.

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